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The Folauga o le Tatau Malaga Aganu’u Fa’asamoa: Art Studio & Gallery of American Samoa (hereinafter referred to as “Art Studio & Gallery”) strives to breathe new life into the traditional Samoan artistic practices of our past, and to bring these practices into our present and future through creation, education, and research. This mission is vital to the continuation of Samoan culture in the Pacific and around the world. The Art Studio & Gallery will fill a necessary role not just in the preservation of our indigenous art forms on our island, but in the education of Samoan and foreign peoples around the world.

Our Goals

  1. To promote and perpetuate the knowledge and practice of the arts through educational programming and events online, on-island, and abroad. 

  2. To provide programs and workshops in American Samoa

  3. To foster relationships with arts programs, researchers, artists, artisans, and professional organizations around the world. 

  4. To create a center of information about Samoan arts through social media, web presence, and in-person community engagement. 

  5. To provide opportunities for community members, especially the youth, to connect with their heritage and culture through artistic expression and the art of navigation and seafaring. 

  6. To create a strong future for American Samoa through the integration of our ancient arts with modern technologies. 

  7. To establish American Samoa as a center for artistic expression and research in the Pacific.

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